“Rena came to speak to a group of us back in 2015 and I have never forgotten it! We became fast LinkedIn friends and Rena even coached me a bit through my future plans of becoming a CEO (haven’t given up on that dream!). She’s extremely energetic, personable and the type of person who makes you want to be a better person.” – MG, Senior Strategist

“I had the pleasure and the privilege to engage Rena’s services as a consultant to help us coach and develop our new, young line management. Over the period of two years Rena has become a very integral part of our Senior Management. Rena’s compassionate guidance, her intelligence, and her professionalism were key to our ability to retain and to help develop our line managers to become excellent professionals. Her work has clearly resulted in a rapid development of those managers, saving us a lot of money and effort of dealing with turn-over. Bringing Rena on board as a consultant was an excellent move that no doubt paid off greatly.”– GF, VP Business Development

“As I was looking for a career coach to refine my executive speech, I heard about Rena through a professional networking group. I reached out and from our initial conversation she was exactly what I needed. Rena’s approach to executive/career coaching is Compassion. Accountability. and Authenticity. Over the course of a couple weeks, Rena helped me write my narrative and develop my style of interviewing and presenting to C-Suite executives. With Rena’s guidance I landed an amazing new opportunity, and I will continue to leverage her experience/services throughout my career.” – TH, VP/Head of Digital Strategy

Rena is a consummate professional, and the ability to cut through noise to address what’s most important makes her truly valuable as a management consultant.” – MT, Product Business Intelligence

“I can say without a doubt that Rena is the person I have learned the most from in my career. Her management style combines care with thoughtful actions and support. She uplifts the people around her, while setting high standards and ensuring that everyone is working to achieve them. Under her leadership, our company was given a new life and began to blossom. She is an asset to any team she is a part of, not only for her energizing personality, but also her ability to negotiate, create long term strategies with actionable plans, and wide breadth of knowledge for both corporate and small business management.” AK, Training Instructor

“Working with Rena as my creative management career counselor was an invaluable experience for me. Finding someone like Rena to be a mentor was like a dream come true for me as a leader of an in-house creative team. She brings first-hand creative experience and management background and delivers advice with her signature brand of compassion. She helped me navigate challenges at work in real-time during our weekly sessions and also provided guidance to help me grow as a manager and professional, which I will continue to use throughout my career. I would recommend working with Rena in a heart beat and look forward to working with her again myself in the near future.” JS, Director Creative Operations

About Rena DeLevie

Rena DeLevie is the Chief Compassion Officer. In 2001, she had a post-9/11 epiphany and created Compassionate Management, a mindfulness management methodology that connects compassion and accountability to help leaders deliver the bottom line with integrity. She combines over 20 years with Fortune 500 companies, 15 years as a practitioner of mindfulness/meditation, and 12 years running her own business to show us the path to eliminate the fear-based culture so prevalent in corporate America. Her book Compassionate Management How Ambitious Creatives Become Kick Ass Leaders set her reputation as a leading pioneer in compassionate management and her TEDxTalk “Compassionate Management — using compassion as a business tool | Rena DeLevie,” has been used in businesses around the country as a model to radically change culture around management and how we treat one another.

Her empathetic and business-focused approach has led to being given a few nicknames including, “Hippie MBA,” “COO of the Creative Process”, “The Vault,” and “How may I help you?”

Clients includes: JCrew, dressbarn, Kenneth Cole, Cella Consulting, Havas Worldwide, JPMorgan Chase, UBS and many small businesses.